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the month of may

So many things to be grateful for in May. Because of the (mostly) amazing weather, I have been able to get out and about, spending time with loved ones and catching up on some work that has piled up. Here is what I'm loving in the month of May.

Getting outside- Attending sporting events such as soccer, is not really my thing. At least the soccer field provides some interesting locations to take photos while I'm wasting time waiting for the game to end.

Celebrating love and friendship- One of my awesome and friends and co-workers gets married in May. We celebrated her impending nuptials by a day on the green slopes of Cupitt's Winery. I indulged in only the one Cider but a whole heap of pizza.

Getting shit done- After FINALLY buying a desk, I have been putting it to good use and starting to get my life organised. Due to my unhealthy obsession with Pugs, obviously the rubbers and post-it notes had to be Pug related. Another great purchase from Typo.

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