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The Ultimate Book Club | A year on my shelf

If last year sparked a beautiful and frenzied desire to read, then this year only served to satisfy my passion for more inspiring books.

I kicked off January, reading in the sunshine down by the water and managed to plough through five books:

1. Light is the New Black

2. Julius Caesar

3. Girl, Wash Your Face

4. The Soul Searchers Guide

5. Evolution of Goddess

The Shakespearian play, Julius Caesar, I ended up integrating into my year nine program looking at the thematic study, power. Light is the New Black and Evolution of Goddess, I ended up thirfting after reading them as I found nether of them interesting enough to read again. Girl, Wash Your Face was easily my favourite of the five.

February, sparked the start of a busy Term One and meant that reading wasn't high on my priority list as I attempted to create new routines around school. I did manage to get in one book "Belle de Jour". Which was a thoroughly interesting glimpse inside the life of a London call girl.

I don't know what the heck was happening in March, but I know what wasn't, reading. No books read that month.

In April, I was back at it, finishing two books;

1. The Winter of our Disconect

2. Girl, Stop Apologising

The Winter of our Disconnect, was a powerful mix of journal and research. I spoke of how a family of four managed to disconnect from technology for a period of six months and use countless research references to outline the negative effectives of technology on our education, relationships, health and general wellbeing. Girl, Stop Apologising is the epic sequel to Rachel Hollis', Girl, Wash Your Face and is just as inspiring and motivating as the first.

In May, I was back into the swing of things having read three books;

1. #Girlboss

2. Low Tox Life

3. Calm the F*** Down

#Girlboss was a re-read and I decided afterwards that I won't be reading it again and ended up giving it away. Low Tox Life was another great read about living free from toxins and chemicals. I will definately be going back to that one. Calm the F*** Down was another great book from Sarah Knight, but even after readind it, I'm still not close to being "calm".

June was another good month for books having read;

1. The Path Made Clear

2. Get Your Shit Together

3. The Barefoot Invester

I regret buying The Path Made Clear. I didn't realise that it was mostly comprised of quotes, many of which were irrelevant. Nothing worthwhile to say about Get Your Shit Together. The Barefoot Invester was a fantastic book which I will re-read multiple times. I'm great a saving, but this book explored so many aspects of personal finance that I am unfamiliar with.

July saw me read;

1. The Apricot Memoirs

2. The Art of Frugal Hedonism

3. Elevate Higher

Both one and two literally touched my soul and inspired me to live a more slow, curated and creative life. Number three was a waste of money and I ended up donating the book afterwards.

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