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The Un|Filtered Edition

I was recently speaking to a friend who is having a social media detox. We both felt the same way, that social media can be toxic, although at times we can be addicted to it. Our conversation shifted to Instagram, which I love, but we both felt that often we took pictures that we were initially really proud of, only to find out they weren't 'good enough' for Instagram. This created a negative spiral, "Well if my pictures are not good enough, then perhaps it's because my life is too boring?".

And so it goes...

I was thinking recently that I would like to increase my blog uploads from one a week to two, but didn't want to feel overburdened to create additional 'cool' content.

The Un|Filtered Edition is a weekly showcase of the things that brought me joy. My aim is to take a photo each day that stirs up passion, creativity, peace or happiness. NO photos in this blog are to be curated for Instagram. These pictures are not taken to impress or score likes/comments. In fact, some of them may be; mundane, bland, too bright, too dark or too blurry. But I don't care.

The condition of this blog is that no photo is to be:


-Edited in any way

-Staged (In any way other than the way it existed at that moment)

I hope that through seeing this blog every week, you will be encouraged that your live an amazing life and are perfect just the way you are. I hope also to reveal that under the façade of glitz, glamour, colour and smiles, most people you see on the internet are just regular people living regular lives.








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