• Carly Morton

The Un|Filtered Edition | Vol.6

In the past couple of weeks, taking a photo a day wasn't at the top of my agenda. Sure, I was still taking the time to appreciate the beauty around me. But I didn't feel the need to document it.

I know that today's age of selfie-taking, Instagramming and YouTubing has been given a pretty bad wrap and seen as a new generation of selfish youngsters. And while it's perfectly fine to see things that way if you so desire, I have a different alternative...

What if, instead of looking at this phenomenon as a negative thing, we saw it as an expression of creativity and self? What if, we saw it as a means to document our lives and the things and people we love? or a kick-ass scrapbook? or killer photo album?

Here are a few of my unfiltered gems over the past couple of weeks...

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