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The YouTube mistake I've been making

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

I have 13 subscribers on YouTube.

When I first started up my YouTube, I didn't really have any intention of doing it to get views. But inevitably when you start pouring a fair bit of time and thought into something, you'd like it reciprocated somehow.

So I thought that I'd like to grow my channel and started using advice that the pro's gave in order to do so:

-Use natural light

-Create meaningful videos

-Have great thumbnails

-Drive people to your page through different social platforms

-Use editing software

-Be yourself

-Have a message and an audience in mind

I was doing all these things that people recommended, and yet...nothing was happening. It was rather disheartening.

Then I found a YouTube video that changed my entire perspective on how I was making content. The girl gave me a wake up call in saying "No one knows you and no one cares".

And it's so true. On YouTube you are an anonymous figures in a sea of equally anonymous figures (and some REALLY popular people also). Sure, people want to see the real me and have that person be authentic and interesting. But at the end of the day, no one cares who I am or what is going on in my life. I had been creating videos with the impression that people would want to get to know me and that that would keep them coming back.

I was wrong.

People use YouTube to get something out of it, whether that be information, advice, how-to's or inspiration. To create a successful YouTube channel, that's where you need to start...giving the people what they want.

Skip the long intro's and the personal stories. Don't waste viewers time, instead get straight to the point. Sure, once you have that consistent audience maybe then will people be interested in knowing you personally.

Last week I filmed a video on "Network marketing". In the original I included my experience and perspective. However, after learning this information, I cut my video down to half it's size, removing my personal stories and instead choosing to get straight to the point and give viewers five things they need to consider before becoming a network marketer.

This is only the first step in ensuring my videos and channel is relevant and appealing to viewers. I'm sure there is a long way to go.

If you want to see content relating to health, fitness, minimalism and creating a healthy lifestyle, head over to my YouTube channel.

Carly xx

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