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I read this quote recently that goes something along the lines of 'Houses are for living in not for storing your belonings' and I couldn't agree more because happiness means more to me than anything I can buy in a store.

Whether you, like me are on a minimalist journey, you are looking to cut down on wastage and want to take a more sustainable approach to living or even if you simply want to save a few bucks, taking inventory of all the unnecessary things that you spend money on and cutting down on that list is going to be a win-win.

When I first got a 'real' paying job, there was such a thrill in being able to buy WHATEVER I wanted; clothes, makeup, movies, magazines, you name it, if I wanted it, I bought it. I see the same thing with both of my sisters and a number of other people I know. What then happens, is you are overwhelmed with stuff, half of which you don't even use and a year later are giving it away.

The biggest plus for me in cutting down on my spending was to increase my saving. If you haven't already, make sure you read my 'How to save for the house of your dreams' post for some other handy hints. Below are a list of things that I stopped buying. Not only did this allow for a more clutter-free, sustainable household but even just a saving of a few bucks a week goes a long way in saving for those items on your bucket list.

Hand and Body Moisturiser

Firstly, I'd like to know why you need a specific moisturiser for day, night, face, body and hands?

In my opinion, it's not because you really need specific products for all of these areas but rather because people pay branding and marketing people some big dollars to find creative strategies for getting more money out of us ignorant consumers.

I have realised that one will do. At present, I'm finishing off a day and night face cream (because I'm not in the business of wasting) and once that is done, it's coconut oil all the way. It's great as an overall body moisturiser as well as a hair mask. I have heard that it can break you out on the face so if this happens, I will try a lighter oil on my face instead.

Cleaning Products

Make sure you check out my YouTube channel for a eco cleaning routine video. Here I tell you some of my easy cleaning concoctions.

But basically, I no longer buy any commercial cleaners and instead make my own using natural ingredients. They aren't as tough working so I do need to use a bit more elbow grease but it's more cost effective as well as much better for the environment.

Nail Polish

Most nail polishes are packed with harmful ingredients for instance Formaldehyde, a chemical that morticians use to preserve dead bodies and I'm sorry but I'm NOT having that on my nails. Not to mention, you paint your nails and they look fab for a day or two before they chip. Then you need to take the polish off and re-do them. Never mind the cost of actually going and getting your nails professionally done. One less thing in the bathroom vanity if you ask me!

Coffee Pods

I LOVE my Nespresso coffee machine! But two reasons have made me put pods on the list.

Number one; They aren't cheap and if you want to buy the authentic Nespresso pods, you will have to order them in unless you are lucky to live in the city.

Number two: They are not recyclable (at present) and contribute to unnecessary landfill.


By accessories I mean clothing accessories for example, jewellery, hats, scarves, belts and bags. Now I know that often the accessories make the outfit but I really don't have space for all that in my wardrobe. Not to mention, it takes me enough time to figure out what I'm going to wear when I'm putting together a simple outfit let alone trying to figure out accessories to go with it.

Sure, that probably makes my attire quite plain but with so many other things in our lives being complicated, I'm glad that my wardrobe can be stress free. I also found when I was buying accessories that I often couldn't be bothered wearing them and they would simply sit around, taking up space and gathering dust.

Books 'Smart Carly' should read

I actually realised this when reading the book 'A Year of Less'. I used to buy books that I thought a smarter, more intellectual version of myself SHOULD read. Safe to say, if I actually did force myself to read these books, I either didn't get through the entire thing or if I did, it was sometimes a painstaking process.

While I did enjoy all of Jane Austen's books, I hated Great Expectations and wasn't much fussed on Wuthering Heights. These days, I buy books that I'm ACTUALLY interested in and want to read not because I'm an English teacher and feel that it's my duty to be a high brow intellectual reader.

If you want to know more of the things I no longer buy, make sure you check out my YouTube video and while your there, why not subscribe to my channel?

Carly xx

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