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I've been pretty lucky to have done some travelling during my 20's. I have since then realised the importance of seeing the world and spending my money on experiences that open my mind and make me a more compassionate and cultured person.

Someone once asked me why I bother to travel overseas when Australia has so much to offer? And to an extent, I agree with them. Coming home from travelling always makes you appreciate what you have at home and I'm pretty lucky to be living in such a free, beautiful country full of opportunity. But there is a part of me that desires to get out; see the world, be surrounded by a different culture, eat new foods, experience history and global landmarks.

I realise that this year provides me with big financial commitments that may significantly limit my ability to travel. But a girl can dare to dream, can't she?

Below are the destinations on my ultimate travel wish list:

As you can tell, I was pretty enamored with both New York and Italy considering that I want to return to both places. I visited New York in the Summer and think that it would be absolutely magical in the Wintertime. I found New York to be a collision of upper class glitz and glam with urban decay. Initially this was confronting because, I like many other tourists, had grown to expect all of New York to be the magical place we see on the movie screen.

While this was not the case, I found that there was a tonne to do and the three days I had there last time was certainly not enough. I saw the Statue of Liberty from a distance but would love to catch the Ferry over to it. I would also love to do a hop-on-hop-off or foodies tour and spend more time in Central Park.

Italy is literally my favourite place on Earth (Currently, as I have not travelled all the world yet). I have been there twice and could easily go back. What is there not to love about Italy? The food is amazing, the people are especially kind (And most of them speak English), the scenery is beautiful and the history is mesmerising. Make sure to check out my Trippin' Italy blog for more info.

What are your favourite places to travel to? And what makes your travel wish list?

As the YOLO saying goes, you only get one life. Actually get out there and live it. Don't let the days go by wishing you could have gone places, seen things and be someone that makes you feel alive.

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