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trippin // Hawaii

I never thought of travelling to Hawaii. After america let me down (many year's ago i threw so much shade on the USA trip) I had this skewed perspective of the U.S and wasn't really interested in seeing other aspects of it. Hawaii came originally out of boredom and jealousy of watching those around me go away, but mostly because I wanted to have a getaway with my partner. Low and behold, he didn't have the same plans (read as: spent all his money on stupid stuff). Despite this I persevered and threw a line out to my youngest sister. When the middle sister heard about this she was keen also, I shut that down real fast. Individually they are fine, but together they have a tendency to pick on me despite the fact that I am the oldest.

Aussie summer 2016/17 comes around and Lily and I are on a plane overseas. Ten and a half hours later we land in Hawaii. First Stop Lahina, Maui. We booked two tours for Maui and they were well worth the money. Our first tour took us up to the crater and around majority of the island, stopping for a casual truck stop lunch which was actually pretty cool. Tour number two was amazing, we sailed with Trilogy to the island of Lanai, catching a great show from the whales on the way there. On the island we snorkeled, toured the town and ate a massive lunch. Hanging out in Lahina was one of the best unplanned activities Lily and I did while on Maui. Lahina is a picturesque, coastal town brimming with colour and charm. The perfect spot to relax. Trying the shaved ice is a must.

Next stop, Waikiki. Some people say that Waikiki is basically the Hawaiian version of Surfers Paradise, and I suppose that is somewhat accurate. But you seriously cannot beat the upbeat vibe and fast pace to Waikiki. Waikiki beach is possibly the smallest 'beach' I have seen and is so overrun with tourists you could barely find a spot to put your towel, being that it was winter, we didn't bother. One of the best tours we booked for Oahu was the Pearl Harbour tour. I am a massive history nerd so this was right up my alley, but even for those who aren't it really is worth checking out. The best part of the tour was boarding the USS Arizona, such an emotional experience. And of course in the typical tourist fashion, Waikiki was also an amazing place to go shopping.

We had so many other great experiences in Hawaii but this is merely a snapshot of my favorites. When I think about whether or not I would go back to Hawaii, I would probably say no. Simply because we made the best use of our time and saw and did all the things we wanted to do. There are so many other places calling my name.

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