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I had no intention of travelling to Italy with my middle sister. We are not that close. Never have been really. In fact, I'm not sure she likes me too much. And yet, that's exactly what I did. What can I say, sometimes life throws you a curve ball and at times you just have to roll with it and find a way to make the best out of a bad situation. Italy probably would have been more amazing if I hadn't of been thinking about said 'bad situation' but honestly, and I know this is a big statement, Italy is the best country I have ever visited. Having been there twice now, I'm almost hanging to go back.

Shale and I were signed up on a Topdeck tour. Much more classy and less crowded than Contiki (I have been on two of those). After spending three days in Rome by ourselves, the tour began. We quickly got to know the group and started our voyage of eating and sightseeing through the country. First stop was Pompeii and down to Sorrento. When I think of the best day I've had while travelling, I think of Sorrento. We took a ferry out to the Island of Capri and sunned ourselves on a sail boat around the island. Mid-summer, the weather was warm. The ocean was a crystal clear blue. We splashed into the water and snorkeled into a cave. Everyone (except for me- fear of heights) jumped from a massive rock into the water. Getting back to Sorrento we had a traditional Italian dinner at a quaint restaurant in the winding back alleys of Sorrento and finished the night with Lemoncello's by the hotel pool.

When I think of Italy, I can't help but think of the Cinque Terra. Five small fishing villages on the rocky North Coast of the country. Chances are, you have seen images of these magical places on your computer screensaver. Despite the dreary weather, we visited three of the five and it was awesome. In Florence we partied at The Red Garter. Venice took us on Gondolas. We stopped by for a moment at the Leaning Tower of Piza and the walled city of Luca. The most interesting place we stayed was Asissi. From our hotel in the foothills we looked up to he spectacular city on the hill. Walled in stone, the church at its center we trekked up the steep cobbled stone streets to the fort at the top and experienced its breath-taking view over the rolling green hills of the Italian countryside.

Returning to Rome for another two days Shale and I traced our steps on a map of the city. By the end of our trip, almost every street in Rome had been walked. We had seen the Ancient Roman ruins. Ate different flavoured gelato every day and came home thoroughly enamored with Italy. When's the next trip?

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