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Trying something new | Fake it till you make it

I feel like this year has been about new beginnings. Stepping up, taking a chance, seeing the risks and doing it anyway. This year has also been about over-coming fears.

I'm pretty sure that I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs that one of my goals for 2018 was to feel powerful and strong. Wow! What a challenge I set for myself. There have certainly been moments thus far where the ideal hasn't quite matched the reality...but what can I say? I'm not a quitter, I'm a conqueror...so, moving on.

When I first started my blog, over a year ago, I had this overwhelming desire to support it not only with a Facebook and Instagram, but a YouTube channel.

Over the past year, this desire has been steadily growing, however, there has always been something holding me back...

I'll start my channel when I have good filming equipment.

I'll start my channel when I live in a more aesthetically pleasing house to use as a backdrop.

I'll start my channel when I have more experience with filming and editing.

I'll start my channel when I have more confidence.

I'll start my channel when I sort out my skin.

But then I got a reality check.

I have long been inspired by my friend Tess Guinery. She literally is the most kind, creative and passionate soul. A writer, painter, photographer, graphic designer, mum, wife and all-round absolute legend...Tess inspires me to create, take risks and be authentic (bet you didn't know how much of a role model you were even though I haven't seen you in years and you live in another state). Does she just have that God-given talent? Or does she fake it till she makes it? I don't know? You'd have to ask her...

Anyways, I digress. 

Superstar Tess is set to release her own set of prose (The Apricot Memoirs) and a piece of writing she put on Instagram caught my attention "...Timelessly waiting for better days, will rob you of better days called 'now" gave me that kick in the butt I needed.

Sure, I could wait till I achieve all those things listed above before I started my YouTube channel and perhaps in a year or two... or ten... I could get it up and running. OR, I could suck it up and start it now. Perhaps the videos wouldn't be edited to perfection (I am filming on my Galaxy S7 and editing on the Adobe app) and the background when filmed at my house would feature yellow walls, old grey carpet and ugly benchtops. But the time is now.

So I started it and have already filmed and uploaded a number of videos. Check out some of my first videos (below) and if you want to see more content, give my channel a subscribe! Plus, I would love to hear your feedback...what kind of videos would you like me to film?

And here is the moral to the story! STOP waiting for the time to be right to do something, whether it be travelling, studying, moving out or moving on because perhaps there never will be a 'right' time...perhaps there is only 'right now'.

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