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Vlogging Tricks + Latest Videos

First things first...

I'm still filming YouTube videos on my phone. Is the quality top notch? No, probably not. But that's all I can afford at this point in time, and I still pour the same amount of love and thoughtfulness into my videos as those who spend big dollars on filming equipment.

That's the first thing I learnt. You don't need to go out and buy the best gear, especially if you are just starting the YouTube game. It would be a shame to spend all that money only to realise that filming is not for you.

In saying that, the best purchase I've made has been to buy a $25.00 tripod from eBay. Prior to this, I was attempting to awkwardly place my phone on top of weirdly constructed piles of stuff in order to get the right angles.

This still happens.

But not to such an extent. At least now my small tripod will hang off of things. And it certainly makes filming myself while holding my phone a whole heap easier. People will no longer be subjected to seeing only the tiniest piece of my face.

I have also been happily editing on my phone using the free Adobe Premier App, which I highly recommend. However, I was getting slightly disheartened with the poor choice of free music available on the App and thought that the remainder of my videos would be subject to the same 'toybox' music theme. Then, I discovered that you can actually upload to YouTube and they have a wide selection of free music you can add to your video! Mind Blown!

However (and there's always a 'however') most of the songs don't go for very long and I was stuck with the dilemma...do I bother using a YouTube song when it will only cover half of the video and leave the rest in awkward silence? But thank goodness I'm a nifty thinker, I realised that I can upload, put on a song, download the video to my computer, upload the new copy with said song and then add an additional song further into the video...Gee I'm smart!

Someone, somewhere had already thought of this idea but I will happily take the credit for now.

So here I am, still plodding along making videos on things I enjoy: fun, fitness, family and all things health related. I have a few ideas up my sleeve for future videos but if you have any requests, make sure you leave them below.

Also, give yo girl some love and make sure you watch my vids, give them a like and subscribe to my channel so you don't miss any uploads.

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