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Want climate action? Unfiltered thoughts

I don't really write posts that are unfiltered. I hate to run the risk of people disagreeing or, heaven forbid, having a go at me. But climate change and the need for climate action has become such a huge concern, and to be honest, I'm sick of writing about only 'fluffy' things to reduce the chances of 'getting in trouble'.

So here it is...the opinions of a seemingly irrelevant blogger.

Climate change is a natural phenomenon that has been occurring on it's own since the beginning of time. Ask any scientist and I'm certain they will agree with you. However, it cannot be denied that human influence (particularly through pollution) is speeding up this process to an alarming extent and the consequences are dire.

I drove past a sign on my way home from school saying "Climate action now!". But who is this sign for? Is it for the politicians? Because I can almost guarantee that those blokes don't give a crap about climate action. It's almost embarrassing to live in Australia in modern society because it seems that we are doing so little to address this issue and in times where it is the most relevant (hello massive bushfires) our Politicians are dodging it saying that it's "not a political issue".

Well if it's not a political issue then what is it? If it's not up to politicians to stand up and make change then whose job is that? What frustrates me the most, is that these rich white guys (politicians) are getting their pockets lined by even richer white guys (coal and oil companies). If your campaign was being funded by these sorts of businesses, what on earth would prompt you to take action and enforce changes that might limit the billions of dollars these blokes can make?

Answer: you wouldn't.

If our government can't step out from behind the fear of pissing these rich blokes off, then absolutely nothing about climate change is going to happen. And if they don't do something about it, then I'm sorry my friend, but it's up to us.

Greta Thunberg has been gaining a lot of attention lately for her climate activism, and here's something that's going to piss people off, but I believe that while it's great that she's a role model for young people and encouraging them to have a voice, what is she REALLY doing on the issue? We don't need more Greta Thunberg's in the world, what we need is people who are going to take action. We like to complicate "taking action" and make out like we need to protest and write to governments, which we certainly can, but how about we take it back to us and the everyday choices we make...

I'll be the first to admit, sometimes I get wrapped up in this consumer driven, comparison world of 'stuff' and forget about sustainability and minimalism. One of the biggest ways we can help climate change is by reducing our carbon footprint and thus inspiring others to follow suit. I'm committing myself this year to make more of a difference by:

-Buying less stuff

-Buying secondhand or borrowing

-Buying less packaged foods and reducing food waste

-Using less water and electricity

-Buying from more ethical and sustainable companies


There are heaps of small changes that you can make at home or at work to do better for the environment. If we stop using the products that the major polluting companies supply then the demand for them will decrease and hopefully that will force them to reconsider their practices.

I don't know a heap about climate change, but I do know this, there is no point in sitting around waiting for other people to do something when we are not willing to do anything ourselves.

Carly xx

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