• Carly Morton

What happened when I went off the pill

"You're pregnant?"

Nope. Well I certainly hope not, because I've got sh*t to do and a baby isn't on that list...just yet. I can almost hear my mother taking a deep breath of relief out there in cyberspace.

I went on the pill when I was in Year 12 (yeah that's a long time ago). Because I was the token goody-goody nerd, I put a crap tonne of effort into my HSC and was massively stressed out. My body felt it.

I broke out over my face, chest and particularly, all over my back. It was painful and embarrassing and all those 'anti-acne' creams and washes were doing jack all to help the problem.

So I went on the pill.

I remember being super nervous to ask mum about this because I didn't want her to think that I needed it for anything other than pimples lol.

About four years ago, I tried to get off it. I knew that being on the pill for that long wasn't good for my body. Sure, my skin was good. But it didn't sit right with me knowing that I was taking something that messed up my hormones and I was worried about the long term effects on my body.

I was off the pill for about three months and couldn't handle it any longer.

My skin was waging war against me.

Hormonal acne had arisen and I was very unhappy with how I looked. So I let vanity get the better of me and started taking it again.

Fast forward to March 2018 and I was faced with the same dilemma, if I was preaching a healthy lifestyle and was concerned about using make-up products that contained chemicals and was committed to cleaning my house with vinegar and living in what looked like a terrarium...then why the heck was I taking pills to change my body's natural hormone production?

Admittedly, going off the pill for the second time after taking it for over ten years was scary.

What if my skin freaked out again and I ended up looking more like one of the students I teach than the actual teacher? But I persisted and you know what happened?

My skin hated me.

The classic hormonal acne on the chin flared up and weirdly enough, I started breaking out around my hairline and middle of the forehead.

(Disclaimer: The below photos are unfiltered and taken without make-up. This was on a relatively 'good' skin day. My forehead ended up getting a lot worse and my chin was behaving itself for a while.)

So now I'm on a new journey to cure my hormonal acne naturally and live a healthier life. I watch a lot of Sarah's Day on YouTube, she started her channel for that exact reason and I have been tuning into her videos as well as doing my own research to uncover the best foods for balancing hormones. And here is what I found:

- Coconut oil/water/milk

- Avocados

- Egg yolks

- Nuts/seeds

- Dark, leafy greens

- Starchy and coloured vegetables

- Herbs and spices particularly: cumin, cinnamon, garlic, turmeric and ginger

I eat really healthy anyway, but it's my aim to incorporate more of these into my diet as well as up my intake of water to help flush he toxins from my system. As I have been using my Arbonne face products, I know that nothing I am using on my skin will aggravate it any further.

My journey to clear skin and a healthy, happy hormonal and reproductive system has only just begun. Stay tuned for updates on how my journey is progressing.

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