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Why I despise MLM's and the harassment of their consultants!

I'm asking for criticism by writing this post and normally, I try and be more positive and not ruffle any feathers, but I don't care! I'm annoyed and this really has to stop.

A couple of years ago I got a friend request from someone I knew through the grapevine but didn't know personally. I accepted. Almost immediately, I got a personal message asking if I had heard of Ardenne (changing name to avoid any legal repercussions, but you get the drift) and whether I would like to become a consultant. I was a little taken aback at her abruptness and politely declined. She immediately wanted to know why. I said I didn't have enough time to be taking anything new on as I was a new teacher and that was strenuous enough. She then started telling me all the reasons why I did have enough time, I could do this and how good it would be for me. The only way I could get her to shut up was to accept some information she wanted to send me. A couple of days later, she messaged again asking what I thought. To get rid of her, I had to stop playing nice and just straight up, tell her I wasn't interested. No excuses, just the truth.

Fast forward to two years ago, I was approached online again by someone I knew through the grapevine but not personally. She wanted to go out for coffee to discuss an opportunity she "thought would be perfect for me" (seems to be the catchphrase of this lot). I knew what she wanted, but accepted anyway. By the end of the lunch, I was signed up to Ardenne. I was really clear with her (or so I thought) I wasn't interested in doing parties, I just wanted to get a discount on the products for myself and my family. She seemed ok with this. Until she wasn't.

I got added to their Voxer messenger, three different Facebook pages and had to do courses online. I was getting hit up daily with so many messages from each of these. The girl who once seemed ok with my chill attitude started asking when I was going to do parties, how much money I wanted to be bringing in per month and how she could get me to the next level of the business. I was overwhelmed.

But shit really hit the fan when I wrote a blog post about how I 'launched my business'. I feel like I was really positive in the post, but did briefly mention the experience I first had with Ardenne, listed above. This clearly pissed this girl off and she unfollowed me on Instagram and started giving me the cold shoulder. When I eventually told her that I no longer wanted to be part of the business, but thanked her for her help, I was expecting something along the lines of "Sorry it didn't work out for you but good luck". I was not expecting this little princess to throw a hissy fit and to talk crap about me. Not happy Jan!

A couple of months later, I had only mentioned me experience to a select few people (mostly family), because quite frankly I was embarrassed that I wasted my time and money on this stupid thing that was clearly not my scene and did not reflect my lifestyle or values.

When a family friend signed up for Ardenne, I sent her a message wishing her luck but advising her not to do anything she wasn't comfortable with as I had a negative experience. Well, this information clearly got back to said princess, and she out of the blue sent me a highly unprofessional and aggressive message saying that she had heard from multiple people from multiple locations that I was talking crap (lie) and that my opinion was 'unwelcome and unnecessary'.

Well here's a reality check for you love...

We live in a society where word of mouth can make or break a business. A world where people earn a living from giving reviews on YouTube and a world where bloggers and Instagrammers have more sway and influence over their audience than magazines. Not only am I entirely allowed to have my own opinion, but I am also allowed to share said opinion on the internet for anyone and everyone to view.

The practices and behaviour of people running MLM's NEEDS TO STOP. I shouldn't have to delete my Instagram account just so I don't get bombarded with daily messages from people I do and don't know asking me if I want to join their business. I shouldn't have to unfollow people because all they do is post about the products they are trying to sell. If I want to buy your products, I will ask you. If I want to join your business, I will ask you about it. On behalf of not only myself, but the thousands of other people exactly like me who are pissed off with this current situation "PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE".

Carly x

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