• Carly Morton

Why I'm no longer inspired to blog

I started writing my blog in February of 2017. Even though the design of the blog was pretty cringe for a long while, I was still really impressed with myself and felt that I had achieved something great by writing a blog in the first place.

For a long while, no one read my blog. In fact, there are probably still a number of posts that have had no one view them besides myself.

To help promote my blog and its posts, I created an Instagram account. At that stage, I already had a personal Instagram account and only really wanted to grow my blog account for the purpose of driving traffic to my blog. Even after a year, Instagram was probably only driving a handful of people a month to my site.

Every Saturday, I would spend at least an hour writing blog posts. I would stage and take my own photographs, often spending money on props. I created a Pinterest account and started learning more about blogging such as keywords, SEO and the boring, but necessary legal stuff. THEN I would put my pictures on Instagram and spend countless hours over there liking and commenting on the off chance it meant that someone would see my precious work.

A while ago, I decided to check how many people had seen my site. What I found was sad. Two years of writing, photographing, sharing, learning and growing had resulted in less than 2000 people seeing my site.

What was I doing wrong?

This year, I decided that I was going to continue with my blog but make it less of a creative focus and only publish one post a fortnight rather than one a week which I had being doing for two years previous. Now I'm at the point where I'm not even motivated to post once a fortnight. It could be the fact that I'm enjoying creating YouTube videos more and that they allow me more creative, storytelling opportunities. Or it could be the fact that my job leaves me exhausted and mentally drained. But more likely, I think it's because I don't feel like I have anything important to say and that even if I did, judging by my site views, no one can be bothered to read it anyway.

I have only been on YouTube for a year and a half and have had significantly more views on my videos than on my blog posts. It's hard not to compare the two and see YouTube as a more worthwhile hobby.

I don't know what this means for me and the future of Evolve Living Blog. But if you are reading this right now or have been a regular peruser of my blog, I thankyou dearly.

Carly xx

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