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Why YouTube 'Hauls' have me in a tizzy | The True Cost

Money doesn't buy happiness.

But money buys stuff...and apparently stuff buys happiness. But does it?

I am an avid YouTube viewer, but lately, the amount of hauls (Clothing or otherwise) has gotten me really riled up. Are these people pointlessly buying clothes they may not even like, use or need for the purpose of filming videos? Are companies giving YouTubers these clothes in order to 'sell' them to viewers with the hope that we will all go out and buy a thousand new shirts for our already jam-packed wardrobes?

You may sense my frustration...

While I used to watch these type of videos to get styling inspiration, now I just see them as a shameful waste. And encouraging others to do the same.

I recently watched the Netflix documentary 'The True Cost' which was recommended to me by my friend Caitlin who is an avid sewer, creator and is at University studying fashion. I thought I would give it a go, because after watching The Minimalists, I have found it super inspiring learning about new ways to be more consumer conscious.

But I wasn't inspired.

I was ashamed.

I was ashamed at the amount of money I had wasted buying clothes over the years. I was ashamed that my poor choices may have negatively impacted on the environment. I was ashamed that my ignorance was inadvertently supporting sweat shops and contributing to a multitude of social justice issues around the world. I was ashamed that I had spent so much time and effort concerned about whether I looked stylish, that I didn't stop to question how these clothes came to be...

'Fast fashion' has become the norm and whether we realise it or not, we live in a propaganda filled society where everyone is looking to save a buck and get what they want a minute faster than last time. All the while, unsafe textile factories are collapsing killing thousands of people, women are forced into jobs because there are no other options, governments are bowing down to the pressure of big business and I'm sitting at home in my cheap clothes having a cuppa.

So what the hell do I do now?

Now that that I know the truth, now that I know the true cost, things have to change. After taking on a minimalist philosophy my wardrobe has already been paired back to the essentials. I do not need anymore clothes. But I know that the clothes I do have will not last forever, so here is my plan:

-Keep all the clothes I currently own until they are broken beyond repair or no longer fit me.

-Do not buy any additional clothes. If I need something, see if I can borrow it first from my mum or sisters.

-If I need something that cannot be borrowed, investigate ethical and preferably Australian brands I can buy.

I don't really know any good, sustainable, ethical clothing brands so if you happen to have a favourite, please comment it below, and why not join me on my journey?

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